Thursday, 3 March 2011

OMG that top!

I just thought I would share the story of the OMG top. Being a slightly obsessive Usher fan to have a top I can actually wear daily slyly showing my love suddenly became necessary having seen the slogan on a Topshop T-shirt.

So an eBay search was performed and I came across a beautiful river island oversized top. OMG printed lettering, size 10. Perfect. The day comes and I think I am clever waiting till the last minute to make a bid, of course I should have waited till the last second since I then got outbid! GUTTED. I then became a bit obsessed, I wanted a OMG top, no I NEEDED one. So I did another eBay search changing the wording a bit and came across one with similar lettering. The added bonus, it was cheaper than what I had bid for the other top! So I ordered that and it arrived the next day.

I love it, I got it in a M/L which is meant to be 12-14 but I had a feeling they may come up small which they did, so it is a lot more fitted at the bottom than the top but I can work with that. As shown in the image(sorry it’s back to front!) I probably will wear it off the shoulder with a nice coloured vest underneath since I don’t really like showing bra straps. It was only £7.99, under £10 in total with the postage and in this particular style there were 4 other colours.

The parcel was packaged up well, including a canvas bag advertising their website The website has a lot more to offer and very well laid out. I can’t tell if they will be the highest quality clothes (which they claim), but they may surprise me and they are very reasonably priced. They also state on their website that there designs are in-house and therefore have some individuality to them. I probably will do a repeat purchase directly from them they have a very good selection and a few of their handbags and dresses have caught my eye but I will save that for a few weeks.

I love my new top, I sat down last night having tried it on and was thinking how funny it was that I had set myself this mission and had to share. I’m started to see this trend in myself for ‘having’ to have something, but for £10 items I think I can afford not to worry about that too much.
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