Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Sensuous Spice Mask Review

A real-time face mask review (not quite brave enough to take a picture and show you but trust me!). I have used this a number of times now and overall really like it. For me the experience of wearing a face mask can influence my opinion of it a lot. The self heating quality of this mask is what I love, along with the strong smell of cinnamon.

sensuous-spice-tottle_190x440.jpgA little information about the mask itself as found on the bottle. 
‘exotic spices of cinnamon and ginger, this sensuous treat gently warms to open pores and draws out impurities to leave your skin radiant and deep cleansed'. 

The warming sensation lasts strongly for less than minute but then after that is far more subtle. I have found with some face masks/scrubs in the past that the warming feeling is uncomfortable but is not at all.

The mask itself is orange in colour and although thick is not the typical consistency you get from clay based masks, even though after a quick check of the ingredients this contains all the typical clay component you would expect, namely kaolin. I am not entirely sure why this is, the colour doesn’t really bother me but I would prefer a more creamy consistency.

Following cleansing you apply for 15-20 minutes, I generally opt for the longer time. Although the warm feeling does pass in the whole time the scent of cinnamon is strong, considering I love the smell, I really like that, but I assume for anyone who doesn’t, it may be a bit overwhelming.

As you can see from the image, the bottle provided is meant to hold about 10 applications. I have used this about 5 times now, however I cannot tell how much is left since the bottle is covered. Trying to judge from the weight however I imagine I will get 10 uses.

I like that Montagne Jeunesse have their masks in tubes now, the pouches are great for one off treats and as testers but typically there is more than one treatment worth and storage just becomes difficult. Overall though I like the pouch format so I wouldn’t want them to get rid of it completely but it is good that the favourites are available to buy as a tube.

Washing off is not difficult with warm water, although you do have to be careful to get it all or you get orange stains on your towels! Not permanent, just a bit unsightly. Where I would usually wipe off face masks with a muslin cloth for the same reason I just stick to rinsing with my hands.

I have dry skin and the mask does not make it feel tight after use. My skin feels fresh and clean (and slightly softer) which is essentially the purpose of a deep cleanse mask so I do not really notice any other additional changes in it.

I have to admit the first time I used this mask it wasn’t an instant favourite, I have used the body shop heating mask which also has a similar scent and really liked that. Although this is different in a lot of ways the outcome is the same and I know my skin benefits from a deep cleanse every so often. The directions do not suggest how often to use but I would say 3 times a week since that seems to be the standard for similar masks.

I feel like I need a summary so, overall;
Smell - 5*
Consistency - you get used to
Use - easy!
Result - as it says on the tube!
Experience - 5*
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