Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Flower Power Outfit Post

I decided to take advantage of the good lighting and a wider mirror when trying on a top in Marks and Spencers today, (which was a complete bargain I might add), to take some photos for an outfit post.

I was able to wear this top which is great for intermediate weather, any warmer and I would have got overheated but colder and I would have been too cold. As it worked out my feet were a little cold in the pumps since it started to rain but this outfit could easily be paired with boots.

The top is last years from Primark when the big shoulders were briefly on trend, I tried to give it a bit more structure and definition with the belt and chunky necklace. On my bottom half I wore black jeggings and pewter cuffed pumps.

Pretty casual but also tidy and you gotta love the puffy shoulders!
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