Friday, 18 March 2011

Deep waver (toni and guy) launch? SS11 LOOK

I have just managed to get myself very excited and very disappointed in a very short space of time. I have only just read through an old copy of LOOK magazine (7th March) and came across this picture.

A DEEP WAVER. I love these, I own one. Having searched high and low on eBay and online I managed to get a second hand one and use it at least once a week. I love the look it gives me straight on my messy curls, in fact you will have seen this in a previous post.

I never chose to review the tool thought since I know they cannot be found. I thought Toni and Guy (or hair tool manufacturers in general) weren’t making them anymore, you can find them from US sellers but with the postage and duty as well as the need to buy a power converter it would end up being quite pricey. I even went as far as to email Toni and Guy directly over a year ago to ask if they had any and where, but I never got a response. So I counted myself lucky to have one and have my fingers crossed that mine does not break (I have actually broken the catch to keep it locked already).

So after I saw the picture in LOOK magazine I was really excited. There are no details as to when it will be launched, but there was a link to a video showing how to achieve the look, with the tool being used. What I found funny was that there is a list of products used to achieve the look which omits this most crucial tool! I have searched over the internet to find a link to a possible launch date, I don’t even know what it will be called, big crimper? deep waver? I can’t find anything up to date. Maybe a beauty or hair insider would know more but I do find it frustrating that LOOK have been so vague with it and yet featured it. I would be SOOOOO grateful to anyone who has any insight since I would be desperate to get my hands on another.

The link to the stylist look featured in the magazine is here. The LOOK Show SS11 Hair How-To Video: The Catwalk Crimp | Look I think I am the biggest fan of this hair tool so I hope that it does appear to buy soon!
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