Wednesday, 16 March 2011

the dangers of beauty blogging

Currently being unemployed I have to consider each of my purchases carefully, even lots of items at a few pounds each eventually add up. Although I have always read blogs, with the whole process of starting my own and posting regularly, I catch more of others blogs that I was already following, as well as finding more great bloggers. Of course with this comes a bigger wish list of products I want to try and buy!!

I won’t start to list them since I will only upset myself (yes I am being overdramatic) but my main reason for saving at this time, is that at some point in the next 2 weeks I plan on heading to the Ideal Home Show as well as the Vitality Show. For any of you which have not heard of these they are both consumer shows essentially, with various companies pitching up stalls and showcasing their products along with tempting special offers, overall they are just really fun days out with the opportunity to see and try new things and sometimes be a bit pampered. The Vitality Show is predominantly aimed at women with health and beauty being the overall theme, whereas the Ideal Home Show (as implied in the name) covers the home overall, furniture, carpets etc as well as (kitchen/electrical) gadgets and more recently beauty and fashion. I have managed to get some very unique pieces in the past at great prices, for example, pashminas from an Indian seller who came especially for the show, and other scarves which I haven’t seen anything similar since.

I also purchased my Miche bag last year at a great price and hope to see them again this year to add some covers to my collection. I have also picked up other very unique handbags.

At the vitality show I also picked up what has become my favourite night out purse as well as loads of beauty products from both big named and smaller London based sellers. The bargain for me at the vitality show last year was 4 Bourgeois products for £12!!

I feel this post has been a little like a Simpsons episode, starting with one point and ended on another completely. Of course I always planned on storing the pennies for these two events but the temptation to pick up other things is that much more having seen so much I want!!

Let me know if you have ever been to either of these shows and your thoughts, or if you have already been what to look out for!
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