Saturday, 19 March 2011

Babyliss Waving Wand The Review

If you have read my previous posts you will know I purchased the babyliss waving wand (look here). Having used it a number of times now I wanted to do a full review.

Overall I really love it, the look is very unique to a curling wand, essentially due to the shape of the barrel. Typically for curling wands these are round, or more recently you can find conical ones, but for this waving wand the barrel is oval shaped. Although other curling/waving wands claim that you can achieve a waved look from their product (which I have seen can be done), they seem to require a bit more of a technique that simply wrapping your hair around and I personally have not been able to achieve the look easily. With this product you simple use the same way as you would any other wand.

The styler is a deep purple colour and has a swivel cord which is always more convenient. It is actually surprisingly light, but not in a cheap way and of course this just means that your arm doesn’t ache half way through doing your hair! Aside from the on/off switch there are 5 heat settings depending on your hair type. I am able to use the 4th on my thick curly hair and achieve a long lasting result. Inside the box also came a heat protective glove, which is also worth talking about. I no longer use any gloves when I style my hair since I have got used to the products, but for a beginner these are a must. In the past however the gloves have been cheap and difficult to work with since they are always oversized and do not allow you to hold your hair firmly. The glove provided with this is much more fitting and lets you have better control.

Having curly hair I typically just take the strands as they are already separated, which means that I get different thicknesses and styles of waves. The thicker the strand of hair, the looser the wave. I personally like the mixed look, but you can of course make everything more even. I do not take any special care in making my hair all lay flat on the wand as I have seen done with curling irons, so essentially, grab the hair and wrap. I hold for approximately 10 seconds and release. For my entire head I needed about half an hour and I do finish off the style with a medium hold hairspray.

The wand itself heats up extremely quickly, within a matter of seconds. There is a cool tip at the end of the barrel which never heats up acting as an additional safety feature. Since the wand is ceramic from what I have understood you still need to use a heat protectant. Other handy safety features are an automatic switch off function after 72 minutes, incase you have forgotten. The function I think is very clever is the integrated heat rest, so you don’t have to think about heat mats or worry about ruining your dressing table.

The waves last a very long time. Having done my hair in the morning they lasted all day and through to the next and fell out to looser waves.

I rate this product very highly and cannot think of any negatives. Usually the price would count as a negative for a lot of styling tools but I managed to get mine for £21 online at Amazon and they retail for £30 in most other shops. I think it is great value for money, I have paid more for other styling products and have not rated them as highly as this one.


If you were in two minds about this tool, I can’t imagine you will be disappointed. Although I can’t speak for people with straight hair, I cannot see why it wouldn’t work just as effectively, and as for my fellow curly heads, it’s a great way of changing up your look.

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