Sunday, 20 February 2011

I FOUND IT!! My perfect doubled fingered ring

I have been searching for the perfect double finger ring ever since I saw them come out whenever that was. I hadn’t loved anything, and things I did like I walked away from and never thought twice of again…… my test for if I REALLY want something.

So very randomly I came across the perfect ring yesterday in Aldo, and YAY! the last one was my perfect size…….only doubt point…..the price. £10. For many that seems like nothing, but its a lot more than I normally allow myself to spend on costume jewellery. So I walked away and wondered if I may in fact at a later stage come across something I love that much more. I found myself thinking about it in other shops and having checked the usual suspects for jewellery, new look, river island, topshop etc (sad right!), I decided if I went back to Aldo as my last shop before heading home and it was still there, then it was meant to be and this was the ring for me………..and well you know the result of that now.

It fits me perfectly, I love the way it covers the majority of my two fingers, I’m wearing it now and it doesn’t obstruct my finger movement at all. I just can’t stop staring at it! haha. It’s a beautiful tarnished gold colour, hopefully the images do the detailing justice.

I’m very glad I found it and can add it to my collection and finally give up the hunt until the next must have hits me!
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