Saturday, 5 February 2011

Face Mask Junkie!! Montagne Jeunesse Haul

I love face masks and doing home facials, nothing for me says ‘chill time’ more than sitting in my room with a face mask on watching tv shows.

Just to show my latest purchases, I love the Microdermabrasion (renew you) exfoliator face mask by Montagne Jeunesse, however it is a bit hit and miss as to whether you find it in the pharmacy or supermarket so I ordered directly from their website along with a few other goodies I wanted to try.

I will do a review of the microdermabrasion mask in a separate post just to keep this short and sweet (I’ll try to put the link here!)

Other than that I ordered, the overnight moisture mask, which has 3 separate applications. I have used this before since I have very dry skin. Simply, you place the entire sachet on your face and leave on overnight where it vanishes away, using every other night.

I also ordered the whitening mask, really just to see if I can find a cheap mario badescu version! Again you apply overnight, rubbing the cream into selected areas. I imagine once you have opened it, the contents will be good for multiple uses (expect a review!).

Finally I ordered the sensuous spice mask, which along with other favourites comes as a 100g tube, advertised as being good for up to 10 applications. I am hoping this will be similar to a mask I love from Body Shop. Both these masks contain cinnamon and warm up on the skin. I saw great effects with the Body Shop version so again I am hoping this will be a cheaper alternative.

Please come back for reviews on all these products and please let me know below if you have tried any, or what your favourite face masks are.
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