Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Bargain of the week!!

I mentioned in another post that I think amazon is a great place to pick up some beauty buys, in particular hair styling tools. I previously managed to nab the herstyler big curling wand for £20, now retailing at about 3x the price. It is a bit random how the prices go up and down, but this week having had it in may basket from way before christmas, the Babyliss waving wand was down from £27 to £21 when retailing in boots and eBay for £30plus. For me it was just what I needed to push me to buy and finally get my hands on this.

No pictures I’m afraid (yet) as I only want to feature my own, but basically the reason this appealed to me far more than other wands claiming to create waves was that the shape is more oval and angular than a traditional wand, which I think will give me the wave I desire!
I will of course review and post pictures of the results when it does arrive, in the mean time if like me you had been thinking about this its definitely the time to buy.

‘Till next time xx
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