Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another Primark Haul!

I know two blog posts in one day, but I’m feeling energetic! I had 2 interviews this week, and with the prepping for those, along with the early starts to the day and the driving I was pretty exhausted, so thats my excuse for not posting anything sooner. I have had time to try out some more face masks though and had a few brain waves for future posts so do look out for those.

If you do watch my YouTube videos you would have seen my mini haul/interview outfit video featuring a few of my Primark goodies.

If you didn’t though or do want to see this is the link;

I did feature a skirt in here, which I showed without having tried it on, and although I still love it, it just doesn’t suit me, so it has been returned and replaced with a few other finds.

I already featured this top in my video. It’s a beautiful, sheer, loose fit top. Dusty pink with capped sleeves and dots all over, with a gathered/elasticated waist. This fits perfectly, and I’m looking forward to styling it since I haven’t owned anything like this previously.

I replaced the top with a t-shirt, it reminded me of a vest top I wore to death as a teen with a big tigers face on it. Again its sheer and actually has a hole in the back (I have no idea of the proper styling/fashion term for that!) I want to wear it now, so I plan on putting a long sleeved t-shirt underneath to keep me warm. It has a patchy sheer effect (again not sure of the proper term) but hopefully the picture illustrates that well.

Lastly, accessories! I love the belt, there are two colours available, I opted for the beige but there is black too. I really like that the poppers are hidden away underneath the flower. I have no idea how I will be styling it but I look forward to the summer and the chance too.

I also picked up a oversized army print scarf, thinner fabric than I usually go for but this will strictly be for styling rather than warmth.

Jewellery wise I went for the ‘Love’ necklace, which has a sparkle covered ‘L’ with the ‘O’ made of a peach flower. I love that pastels are in this season. It’s very pretty and a noticed that it is, in my opinion a nicer ‘dupe’ of a necklace in New Look which has a darker flower and a few extra dangles from it. In fact I noticed a lot of similarities between New Look and Primark jewellery, a lot of pieces similar to those in my last Primark haul.

There was also a flower necklace which looks very effective from far away, the petals portion is actually a fabric. Finally, I picked up the stud flower earrings for my sister although I imagine I will be removing a few!
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