Sunday, 16 January 2011

This weeks nails…

You may have seen my previous haul post that I brought a new nail polish from Bourjois, so that was this weeks choice. I do not know the name but its number 28 and is a beautiful gunmetal grey.

The polish reads; 1 nail=1 stroke=1 sec. Dries in 50 seconds, no smudges. I didn’t quite have this experience, the fan brush, which is basically a wider and thinner than traditional brush was easy to use and certainly for smaller nails like the little finger one stroke did cover all, but I did need 2 for the thumb. It also needs a second coat and although it dried quickly it wasn’t that quick, although my top coat could have affected that too.

However, I do love the colour, and I expect it will go well with whatever I wear. Very pleased.
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