Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pocket Watch Necklace Fix

So anyone who saw my jewellery haul on YouTube would have heard me talk about my pocket watch necklace which broke, (I also lost the chain), and I wanted to fix.

Here is the pocket watch…..

…….and on a random shopping trip I came across a suitable chain/necklace on sale for £5 in Miss Selfridges……
I didn’t like the cameo attached since it is difficult to make out even looking at it what the image is (a bird I think). I thought the chain colouring would match that of the watch so I brought it and replaced the cameo with the watch.

Here is the finished result……..

I’m really happy with it, just hope this one stays attached! I like knowing that this makes the piece more unique and I think that the colourings worked out really well, so it almost looks like it was meant to be!

Anyone else got any jewellery fixes?

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