Sunday, 23 January 2011

My new hair colour - Chocolate Brownie L’oreal

I decided I needed a change of colour, bored with my hair now and feeling my natural colouring is too dark for my skin. I didn’t have a product in mind since I have only every used highlights and that was about 6 years ago. I hit Boots and went for a semi-permanant colour since I am pretty lazy when it comes to regrowth. I picked this L’Oreal colour seen as it seemed simple enough to use and liked the name!

It was simple enough to prepare and put on, washing out took a long time though and you do have to be careful not to let any colour remain in the bath/shower or it will stain. Even after that though there was a lot of residual colour left on my towel and the same after the second wash. Having not used these products before though I am not sure if this is normal. My hair felt very, very, dry when I was first rinsing but the conditioner provided is lovely and 2 washes in my hair condition feels as before.

A link to the product specifically….

Here is the before shot….

and after (please excuse all the posing!)

I know the lighting isn’t exactly the same in both images but hopefully you can see that my hair is a lot more tonal in the after picture. Originally I felt that it was a little too red in tone but I think that was just the adjusting period. Seen as my hair is a naturally dark brown I wasn’t sure if this would work at all but I would definitely use the product again once it does fade and probably try a different shade in the same range too.

UPDATE: Over a month after colouring the colour is still noticeable and I am still getting compliments on the shade. I haven’t noticed any real change in my hair condition either. I have repurchased the same shade and plan on re-colouring once I get the opportunity. I am excited to try out other colours from the same range now since I wasn’t really sure there would be a noticeable difference in dark hair but this shade has taken that doubt away.

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