Monday, 10 January 2011

Favourite Barry M Nail Polishes

I don’t think a special offer for Barry M paints has gone by without me taking advantage of it and adding new colours to my collection.

This is by far my favourite brand, I agree totally with the 2010 In Style awards which deemed the nail paints as the best beauty buy in the inexpensive nail polish range. The range of colours is huge and the colours are strong and bold, most of the time if in a hurry you can get away with just the one coat. The polishes last very well too as long as you use a base and top coat to finish it off properly.

So I have picked 5 of my favourites in my collection, generally the ones I go to grab when I can’t decide on anything else and what goes with most outfits (since I do hate a colour clash!)…………….

Going from left to right the colours are:
1. Shocking Pink - My go to colour in the summer for my hand and toe nails, bright and very pretty.
2. Grey — This and mushroom are what I consider to be my neutral no worry colours. I like that it is not a metallic finish and not too dark a grey (I also really like the look of this colour with a matte top coat)
3. Mushroom - actually was disappointed the first time I used this but have grown to love it, I believe they consider it a beige colour. Its very neutral so you don’t have to worry about colour clashes. I have tried this with matte but not sure if that works really.
4. Rasberry- Red with a pink undertone I would say. Its quite a bit brighter than I expected it to be though, I like to use this as an alternative to a standard dark red.
5. Vivid Purple - a metallic (?) colour, beautiful and a darker shade so not (again I think this looks great with a matte topcoat).

I didn’t want to add the nail effects paint to the list since strictly it is not a colour, but it does go on top of all of these colours perfectly if you wanted to add your own 'nail art' (I have shown an example of this in a previous post). I also use that as a cheats way to touch up my look after any chipping etc when I am not ready to remove and re-paint.

I can’t complain at all about the finish of any of the Barry M polishes I have used. For sure I will be adding more of their range to my collection soon as soon as the next offer comes along and who knows maybe an updated favourites in the future!

p.s I have found that some of the paint colours have been a perfect match to fill in scrapes on the bottoms of my heels! Bonus!!
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