Saturday, 29 January 2011

Disney Couture, My new Obsession!

I have had my eye on a lot of the Disney Couture pieces for a really long time but held off from buying because of the price and the fact that I had never seen them to know what the quality was like.

Recently I decided to treat myself since for the longest time I wanted the Tinkerbell hoop earrings. I love hoops and I thought this would be such a nice addition since they would just give an outfit a special touch without being ott. Every picture I had seen online looked like they would be beautiful, so I opted for the silver colour, not entirely sure if the gold would be a more yellow shade than I like.

I was so pleased when they arrived, they were packaged beautifully within a pretty box and then with the Disney Couture bag. They feel so solid, so worth every penny and are a good size. I haven’t worn them yet but I will (I don’t like labelling something as best and then never pulling them out for an occasion!). I found these on eBay since the other online sellers didn’t have this style anymore (adding to the NEED to buy!).

QVC also did sell Disney Couture at one stage but everything they have is on clearance now, so I am not sure if they will get anything new. I picked up two pieces, the first is intended for my cousin, the Tinkerbell sitting on a pearl necklace, this was only available in gold, however it is a lovely gold and the piece again is really solid. She is only 8, so I know she will love this and it will be something she can keep for a long time. It was just over £20 with the postage, so a very good price compared to the full selling price of there things usually.

Finally, I picked up this gold bangle. ‘A dream is a Wish your heart makes’. The bangle is very dainty looking but solid. Like the other pieces it is something that can easily be worn any time. My only reservation with it is that there are small charms hanging off near the clasp, which although pretty, I am worried can potentially catch and snap off. This was dearer than the necklace but still good value since these bangles retail much higher on other websites.

I really want to add one of the necklaces to my collection, they have some with cinderella quotes which I like the most. I had ordered one from the sale in ASOS however the gold of that was more yellow than I liked to it did make it look cheap and I returned it. So when I do find the ideal one I’m going to go for the silver colour.

Please share your thoughts of any of the jewellery if you own it, or even better link/comment with photos!

‘Till next time xx
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