Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas Sales Haul! New Look, ASOS and Zara

I love a bargain but I really don’t enjoy shopping and going out in general in the post-christmas sales, I hate the experience of it. Generally people are rude and have lost the nice spirit before Christmas and there is nothing I want that much that I want to rummage through the pile of mess the stores lay out. Therefore anything I do find is a treat and a bonus!

First off I hit New Look late one evening and surprisingly it was pretty empty, I skipped the clothes and headed straight to shoes and ended up with 4 pairs, 2 shoes and 2 boots.

I haven’t had a chance to wear the shoes yet but I have strutted round my room in them to make sure they fit right! Although New Look have now changed their policy (without too much attention in the stores to it annoyingly) which means that only an exchange can be made, so you really have to make sure whatever your buying fits and you love. The platform at the front means that they don’t feel as high and are therefore a lot more comfortable to wear. On the other hand, I have worn both pairs of boots and no complaints (although I have to get used to not being able to bend at the knee easily in the knee highs!).

I also had a browse online, and I never really go for ASOS since I don’t like not being able to see and feel what I am buying but what I spotted was too good to potentially pass up. The brand is ringspun and the sale made it 50% off!!

I brought it in the black in 2 sizes since I normally go for a size bigger to allow for big jumpers etc and a bit of extra movement. I ordered it late on a Saturday night and was offered free next day delivery, which meant because of a bank holiday I could expect it on the Tuesday. The delivery service was very good, I was informed by email of the whole shipping process. I was not at all disappointed when they arrived. The coat is lovely quality and looks really nice on, I just need to let the creases fall out and undo the stitching at the back. Also since the main feature in my eyes is the waist belt/tie I decided to go for the smaller of the two sizes as it gave a much nicer definition, although it probably means I just won’t wear a very chunky knit underneath. I am hoping to do some outfit of the days in the future so be on a look out for this.

Lastly, another coat, short length this time, from Zara. I have never shopped in Zara before. I always assumed it was pricy and I like colour, so whenever I looked in it seemed like a bit too much beige and black for me. Anyway, I spotted this coat for the collar/hood. I love the funnel necks and this reminded me a bit of that, I also liked having the double breasted button front. This wasn’t as good a saving as the ringspun coat, but being coats I am always willing to spend that little bit extra since through the colder months you will catch me in a coat the majority of the time!

Look out for outfit of the days featuring all these, some are still available so check it out soon!

Also I have started a YouTube channel now and have a video showing all these and me rambling on a bit so check that out too.


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