Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Chinese Miracle Moisturiser Review

I picked this up from Asda on a whim after browsing in the ‘ethnic’ section of the health and beauty aisle. They had a number of products from the range but this is the one that caught my eye mainly for the claim that it can fade scars (of which I have plenty).

The packaging reads;

'Capture your skin’s natural tone, nourish and moisturise daily with our NON GREASY - Chinese Miracle Skin Complexion Cocoa Butter.

Enriched with pure Cocoa Butter, Carnauba Wax, Vitamin E, Marine Extracts and Mushroom Oil. Chinese Miracle Cocoa Butter replenishes moisture, protects the skin and gently fades scars and blemishes for an even skin tone.

Use daily for treating dry skin, stretch marks, moisturising following exposure to the sun and relief from harsh elements of cold weather.

Our complexion ingredients features Mushroom Oil Extract and is completely natural’.

I believe I purchased this for £3.99 for 450ml of product, which is a lot! Especially considering the consistency is closest to a soft wax/butter than the traditional cream. The product does not have a huge number of ingredients listed, however I recognised very few, so I am not entirely sure of the ’natural claim,’ although the wording makes me think this is only related to the mushroom oil.

As yet I cannot vouch for its properties with regard to scar reduction (mostly because I haven’t been making a point of keeping an eye on the one area), this product is extremely moisturising and a little goes a long way. I have been using this 4-5 times a week for close to 2 months and you can see in the pictures how far I have got. Having applied after my morning shower I can still feel the softness of my skin in the evening. I probably initially applied more product than necessary, so it did leave a greasy texture. Although, I actually don’t mind this hugely. I have very dry skin and my legs generally would get itchy particularly toward the evening but I haven’t found this since using this product.

Other than Asda, I have found one other website listed below which sells the full range of products (as well as an extensive range of other brands and ships internationally!) I haven’t used the website however so I cannot comment on their service.

This is a moisturiser I would definitely repurchase since for the price it works as it claims on the whole. I prefer this far more to any other cream/butter moisturiser I have used in the past.

I will update this post with any advances on the scars claims since I have plenty of product left to test this fully! I imagine though that it is something that would work slowly over time. Since your skin does become more moisturised, it is likely to improve the your complexion somewhat.

If you have used this product previously please comment and let me know your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for reading!
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